Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Shopping!


Christmas Shopping, one of those things that can either be SUPER stressful or a fun and exciting time of year. Most choose to go to the mall for their annual shopping trip for that special someone that is either hard to buy for or has it all. Ever thought a hardware store would have what you are looking for? Well, that is where we come in. I am sure you have heard "Ace is the Place", but have you ever tested it out? Did you know we have thousands of items in our warehouse and we get orders in on Tuesdays AND Fridays? WE DO!

It all starts with the After Thanksgiving Sale. The crazy rush to get those items that only go on sale that one Black day! Unfortunately (maybe), Ace is an after thought. But why? Maybe because we don't have what "the big box guys" have? And that is the truth. Why? Well, because we choose to have a home town feel, we choose to have hot cider, cookies, coffee, and popcorn. We aren't into the mad rush and knocking people over to get an item that you think is only going to be available to the first 10 customers. Here is the difference: At Pellicci Ace Hardware, we are here to help you plus we are probably less than 5 minutes away from your house. We are here to walk you down every aisle finding that perfect gift for mom, dad, husband,wife, grandma, grandpa, daughter, son, boyfriend, or girlfriend. We are here to give you advice, give you that awesome idea for your hard to buy special someone. It is not about the hustle and bustle here, it's about an enjoyable time of year spent with family and friends. Let us make your spirit's bright!

Have you heard of Small Business Saturday? The day AFTER Black Friday. It's the day that us "little guys" get a chance to shine. It is a day that our hometown feel and small stores get recognized. Now you may be thinking that we are not a small business, that we are a chain of stores spread out all over, but that is not true. Did you know that the Pelliccis have been in Farmington over 60 years? Did you know the owners and owner's children graduated from FHS? We are locally owned and operated- Now that is a true local small business. So please support us like we support you! Stop by Saturday, Nov. 24, make a purchase to show your support. Plus it's not so bad getting a kick back from American Express for using your card at our store!

Have a different thought about your shopping now? Give us a shot and let us know how we can help you!

Thank you for supporting local and Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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