Friday, March 29, 2013

Winter, Winter Go AWAY!

It wasn't that long ago, when you looked out our front door all you could see was SNOW. Now I understand we live in Minnesota so snow is common. However, we were so spoiled last year with the super short winter, early spring, and hot summer. March is one of those months that can go either way. This year I would have just liked to see some grass before Easter. This also doesn't quite help the fertilizer sales either.

At Pellicci Ace Hardware, our number one seller is the Scotts 4-step fertilizer. You will notice in the picture below, that we have the snap easy to use spreader that has the fertilizer bags all ready to go and super easy to use. We also have the 'good ol' fashion fertilizer bags. Both options are awesome because you are using great products. But if you know a whole lot about fertilizer you know that our window for step 1 is slowly closing. Here is a little information about Scotts 4-Step Lawn Fertilizer:

Step 1: Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food
Early Spring
You have to wait till the snow is melted and the ground has thawed
Prevents Crabgrass and 8 other problem weeds
Builds thick, green lawns from the roots up
Apply before temperatures are regularly in the 80s around the first time you mow your grass

Step 2: Weed Control Plus Lawn Food
Late Spring
Kills dandelions and other labeled broadleaf weeds
Builds thick green turf from the roots up
Apply in late spring when weeds are beginning to grow
Apply to wet lawn

Step 3: Lawn Food with 2% Iron
Apply anytime for great green up
Feeds and strengthens lawns against heat and drought
Won't burn lawn-GUARANTEED!
Kid and pet friendly when used as directed!

Step 4: Fall Lawn Food
Early Fall
Builds stronger, deeper roots for winter to see a thicker, greener lawn next spring
Fall is the best time to feed your lawn
For your best lawn, feed once in early fall and 6-8 weeks later

We wish you the best! Come to Pellicci Ace Hardware to learn more from our knowledgeable staff!

Happy Friday!
~Pellicci Ace Hardware

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


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